me with blumpkin shirt

I’m not as fat as I look in that shirt. Seriously. And my face usually doesn’t look like that either. I write short fiction–mostly autobiographical. (Dumb shit I’ve gotten myself into with the names changed.) I’ve finished a novel and I’m tweaking it. STILL. When people ask what it’s about, I say, “Girls and booze.”

As far as blogs go, I write a lot of humor pieces, though I can’t think of a goddamn funny thing to say right now. I’m also a recovering alcoholic who has suffered from bipolar, depression and anxiety, so not all the posts are fun. I hope the serious ones are at least helpful.

Dammit, I wish I could think of some funny shit to say. Or poignant. Nope. Nothing. Just look at the shirt.

Follow me and I’ll follow you…unless you are complete asshole or something.


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