Ask the GMan – He ALWAYS Hits the SPOT #9

Hey Playa, my girl just sent me this pic. I ain’t tryin to see no selfies with dooks in the background. As you can see, she fine as a motherfucka, but I don’t know if I can hit that, all thinkin about that doodoo. Help a [N-word] out! LeMarshawn, 27 – North Dallas Oh Jesus!... Continue Reading →


Ask the GMan – He ALWAYS Hits the SPOT #8

GMan, where do wet dreams come from? Why do I never get laid in mine? Is there something actually the fuck wrong with me? Q-Dawg, 30ish – Boulder, CO Q, wet dreams come from the Sweet Baby Jesus. Seriously. This is how it happens: He’s just chillin in his manger crib, suckin his mom’s titties,... Continue Reading →

Ask the GMan – He ALWAYS Hits the SPOT #7

Hey G, I’ve recently started to question my masculinity. I joined a Fantasy Football league. I’ve also started chopping wood and talking about my sex-life more openly. I also bought a grill. I don’t really like doing these things but it seems to be the only way to be manly. Do you have any other... Continue Reading →

Anxiety and Accidental Porn

I can barely believe it; it doesn’t make much sense. Yesterday, I wrote a blog about crazy pictures I saw on Twitter and my reactions to the pictures. More specifically, it was about seeing a thumbnail and clicking to get a more detailed version. The first pic was of a cheerleader pooping during a jump.... Continue Reading →

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